Life of Victory: The Secret to Victory

March 14, 2019

God wants us to enjoy all that He has generously provided in His Son, Jesus. So why aren’t more of us living in the victory of Christ? It’s almost like the key to the victorious Christian life is a secret. However, God would not tell us to walk in victory and then hide how to do it. The secret is, there is no secret. But there are a few keys to the victorious life that I can share with you.

Life of Victory: Making the Impossible, Possible

March 7, 2019

Is it really God’s will that I live a life of victory? Do I have all I need to live such a life? If the answer is yes, and it is, then it’s sin to be satisfied with anything less than God’s will. His will is for every believer to live in Him. Said another way…Jesus Christ lives His life through us. Does that sound impossible in your current situation? Well, Jesus makes the impossible life, possible.

Life of Victory: Defining Victory

February 28, 2019

Many believers are living depleted and defeated lives. They aren’t experiencing the abundant, liberated, and victorious life promised in Scripture. Let’s get really personal and change the pronoun from “they” to “us”. What keeps us from living in the victory of Jesus Christ each and every day? In order to answer that question, we need to define exactly what living in victory means.

No Regrets

February 21, 2019

Sitting in a Roman prison waiting to beheaded, the Apostle Paul had great insight on how to live with no regrets. He had spent the last thirty years preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over Europe and into Asia Minor. Given Paul’s present circumstances, you might think he felt self-pity or even questioned God’s faithfulness. Instead of regretting the pain, Paul anticipated the future reward ceremony in Heaven.

Sinner or Saint?

February 14, 2019

Often, I hear someone who is trying to reason with sinful behavior say, “Well, I’m just a sinner saved by grace.” While that statement is true, we misunderstand its meaning if we use it to excuse away recurring sin. Yes, we still contend with our old nature, but born-again followers of Jesus Christ have received a new nature - His nature. So here’s the question: are we primarily sinners or saints? 

Running Off Robbers

February 7, 2019

You wouldn’t dream of welcoming thieves into your home. You might even take precautions to protect your family and your belongings from those who would rob what is rightfully yours. Too often, though, we throw open the door and give spiritual robbers free reign. When we, as followers of Christ, allow sinful attitudes and habits to remain in our lives, they rob us of the joy of our salvation, the strength of the Lord, and the peace that passes all understanding - just to name a few things. As a result, we become double-minded and live in the defeat of doubt and despair.

God of the Impossible: No Person Too Lost

January 31, 2019

Have you ever thought that there might be someone who is so far gone, so evil that they are beyond redemption? For many people in my generation, one name springs to mind: Ted Bundy. In 1979 Bundy was sentenced to death for the murder of two female college students. During the decade that Bundy sat on death row, he confessed to killing at least 28 young women. In a final interview on the eve of his execution, Bundy said that he had found forgiveness through Jesus Christ; a revelation that shocked and even appalled many. Is it possible that God would offer redemption to someone as depraved as Ted Bundy?

God of the Impossible: No Request Too Challenging

January 24, 2019

When we’re faced with a seemingly impossible situation, we sometimes approach prayer as a last resort. Our minds can get so bogged down in what’s humanly possible that we fail to remember that no request is too challenging for God. Let's consider a few examples from the Bible.

God of the Impossible: No Promise Too Big

January 17, 2019

There are approximately 30,000 promises in the Bible. Think about a few of the incredible promises that God has already kept to specific people in Scripture. He promised Joshua and the Israelites that the walls of Jericho would fall, and they did. He promised Elijah that food would come to him from ravens, and it did. He promised the virgin Mary that she would give birth to a son, and she did. There is one promise, however, that was a game changer.

God of the Impossible: No Situation Too Difficult

January 10, 2019

It’s been said that most people lead lives of quiet desperation. But that shouldn’t describe God’s people. It only furthers the Devil’s agenda when Christians are filled with discouragement and doubt. Those kinds of attitudes steal our peace and crush our joy. The God who defeated death is not intimidated by any circumstance a child of God faces. No situation is too difficult for God to handle. Just think about some of the seemingly impossible situations we know from Scripture.